Jon Nevill is the founder of Basjoo Gardening Services, serving the communities of Lichfield District.

As a plantsman, his roots are founded in an enthusiasm for the outdoors, gardening and all things green.

With 20 years of experience, Jon brings his passion, professionalism and expertise to each garden.

"Gardens are often the largest room in the house. If we can empower you to utilise your garden more and maximise your square footage, then please get in touch".

Jon Nevill

Professional & Responsive

Safe & Reliable

Trustworthy & Presentable

Qualified & Insured

Trust is critical when employing tradesmen. We work hard to conduct our work in a professional and accountable manner. We're so passionate about fostering strong relationships with our customers, that we're prepared to showcase our own gardens.

Here's an unfiltered, unscripted tour of the Gardener's Garden. We trust that through this transparency, you will have greater trust and confidence in our skillset.

In contrast, this is how the garden looked when first acquired.


  1. We first establish whether we're the best fit. All of our customers receive a quick phone call. We find it efficiently reduces disappointment and initiates clarity of our work.

  2. We work with people. Prior to committing to works, we'll meet you in person, see the space and understand your needs. You can get an idea of who we are, how we conduct our business and what we can do for you.

  3. An online presence is critical for most businesses. It's what drives us daily to surpass expectations and deliver an outstanding experience. If you are looking for reassurance, our customer reviews demonstrate our diligence and continuity. We also showcase our own garden below.

  4. We provide all quotes via email with accompanying T&C's, to remove ambiguity and ensure accountability.

  5. Once a quote is confirmed upon, we arrange a suitable date and time to work. You can expect an email reminder the day before to ensure access is available and any last-minute matters addressed.

  6. We arrive within a half an hour window of your booking time and commence works immediately independently.

  7. Although not necessary, we actively encourage our customers to come out and chat with us during and upon completion of our works. We are keen to get to know you.

  8. We pride ourselves on leaving your garden, how we would like our own garden left. We demonstrate this reliability, with photos of our completed customer's gardens on our website.

  9. We don't request payment, until the completion of works. Although we will accept cash, our prefered method of payment is BACS.

  10. Following works, we'll continue to be in touch via email and may even provide recommendations, on how you can improve your garden further.